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Automated & Autonomous Grocery Stores 

Welcome to Blockstore Group

Blockstore Group is an innovative technology startup based in Finland, providing a cutting-edge solution for autonomous and automated smart grocery store infrastructure and services across Europe.


Our mission is to redefine the grocery retail landscape by creating autonomous grocery stores with automated operations, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and continuous improvement.


The company specializes in supporting grocery retailers in opening up autonomous and automated grocery stores that combine online channels with in-store services, along with different delivery methods.

Why Choose Blockstore Group?

We are dedicated to transforming the way grocery retail operates by offering a complete end-to-end technology infrastructure for your grocery and food service business.


Our Blockster platform, powered by advanced technologies, utilizes real-time data to optimize store and supply chain operations and create an ultra-convenient shopping experience for your customers.

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Benefits of  Blockstore Solution

Anybody can just walk in. Debit/credit card or app.
Patented cabinet and tracking shopping process.

99,9% shopping accuracy

99,7% basket accuracy

Real time << 1 second
Inventory and receipt

~0% Theft and vandalism

Multisensor technology for product tracking

Partner with Blockstore Group and unlock a world of possibilities for your grocery business with our smart stores and smart supply chain solutions!

Our Solutions

Transform Your Grocery or Quick-Service Business with Blockstore Group!

Our comprehensive solutions cater to various retail environments, including new and existing stores & food service businesses for example in charging stations, factories, universities, and office buildings.

We provide customized, fully integrated solutions to help you transform your retail space into a modern, efficient, and connected environment.

Discover the Future of Smart Stores!


At Blockstore Group, we believe that sustainability is an integral aspect of our business. Our approach to sustainability focuses on three key areas:

Environmental Value:


We utilize smart technology to optimize product availability and reduce food waste, ensuring the right products are available at the right time and place. Our energy-efficient store designs and waste management initiatives contribute to a greener retail environment.

Social Value:


Our omnichannel shopping solutions aim to strengthen communities and empower customers with better consumption choices. We are continuously working on features that provide customers with increased transparency, enabling them to make informed, ethical decisions in the future.

Economic Value:


We promote long-term economic growth through the intelligent use of technology across the entire value chain. Our solutions foster innovation in the retail industry and support businesses in adapting to the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Discover Our Dedication to Sustainability!

Take the Next Step

with Blockstore Group

Are you ready to transform your grocery and Quick-Service business and join the future of retail?


Contact us at to discuss how Blockstore Group can help you become a gamechanger in the food retail industry.

Experience the power of retail automation, digitalization, localization, and services – offered in a way you never thought possible. Welcome to the future of grocery retail with Blockstore Group.

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