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Revolutionizing the way we sell and buy groceries

Blockstore solution – automated & autonomous grocery retailing as a service.

Solution allowing our partners to offer products when and where consumers want them - sustainably.

Blockstore enabled automated and intelligent stores can be easily deployed to any location to meet the varied needs of the modern consumer: sustainable operations, personalized service, and 24/7 online and offline availability.


Give your consumers the choice to shop in-store or online with pickup and home delivery options.

What is Blockstore? 


​Blockstore Group is a technology company that offers automated & autonomous store infrastructure and services. Our solution goes beyond the store to ensure greater efficiencies across operations and to maximize sales growth.


We provide full end-to-end technological solution for automated & unmanned grocery stores. Choose Blockster platform connecting hardware and software and our support to gain greater efficiency improvements & sales growth!  

Business viable solution for the retailer.
Think beyond the store and save up to 50% operational costs! 

Modern Walk in Walk out - shopping experience

Due to the smart design of digital processes, consumers can enjoy a seamless, engaging, and personalized shopping experience.
Step 1 - Walk In

All consumers can enter the store, the door is open 24/7. To start shopping the person with registered smartphone app just walks in OR shows credit/debit card to the payment terminal at the entrance of the store.

Step 2 - Engage & select products

Once payment method has been selected, we will use character recognition technology & sensor system to understand which cabinets need to be opened, when and to whom. Once consumer places their hand to the cabinet handle it almost instantaneosly unlocks itself.

Step 3 - Walk Out

When the person is done shopping they simply just walk out. Payment is charged automatically. The receipt will be on the app or printed out in the payment terminal at the entrance of the store.


Right products, at the right time at the right place. Item-level recognition of products available in Blockster platform.


Optimize your waste management, apply dynamic pricing and manage expiry date tracking efficiently.


Based on the study "The impact of unmanned stores' business models on sustainability" we commissioned in collaboration with North Carolina State University, we learned that up to 87% reduction to CO2 emissions can be achieved, when model of utilizing automated stores closer to consumer is applied.

We work hard to understand the impact our solution have for the planet.

Got curious – next steps? 

  • Discuss with Henna, our Head of Partnerships, to be the next truly local retailer or perhaps be the gamechanger in food delivery services: henna.hynynen@blockstoregroup.com

  • Retail automation and digitalization, localization and services  - offered in a way you believed did not yet exist.

Logo Blockstore CMYK-BROWN.png