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Smart Store with
Smart Supply Chain

Blockster platform

What is Blockstores Solution for Autonomous & Automated Smart Grocery Stores?

We provide technology infrastructure and tools with digitized key business processes and support services.

Technology Infrastructure

Functionalities, infrastructure and application portfolio consisting of:


Cloud components, client applications, a suite of security tools, and flexible integrations with existing enterprise business systems.

Technology infrastructure for retail automation
omnichannel supply chain for retail automation

Digitized key processes capabilities

Capabilities for omnichannel supply chain to run smart store ecosystem. Technology infrastructure controlling processes and adapting to changing environments.

Smart Store with smart supply chain

Operational smart store and supply chain technology delivered to customers.

Retail automation smart supply chain

Due to the smart design of digital processes, consumers can enjoy a seamless, engaging, and personalized shopping experience.

Blockster, our technology platform utilizes AI and RFID technologies. We create and use real-time data to run autonomous stores the best possible way.


But smart store technology is only one piece of the puzzle. Solving the operations equation is equally important to make the concept work.


Our smart operating model - warehousing, inventory management, logistics, and in-store operations make fully automated grocery stores a reality.

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Retail automation by Blockstore

Designing & deploying a new store

  • Customized complete Blockster platform for automated and autonomous stores. Includes full in-store set-up among with all modules and components required to meet efficient supply chain and operations.

  • Stores available from 100m2 or higher.

Transforming an existing store


  • Replacing old store infrastructure with Blockstore hardware & software.

  • Customized complete Blockster platform for smart self-service stores. Includes full in-store set-up among with all modules and components required to meet efficient supply chain and operations.


The team behind worlds most technologically advanced automated grocery stores

Deployment -
We Support You at All Times


Easy Installation 

Our personnel installing and supporting implementations. Simple touch points for your system integrations and open API’s. 

Operational Efficiency  ​

Blockster platforms automated processes, running your stores autonomously and keeping you informed of your business at all times. 

Continuous support 

After your store launch you can trust for our service support varying from remote services to local partners supporting you at your site. 

Technology Stack 

Our technology stack includes a unique combination of latest digital techologies: 

RFID, sensors and beacons, character tracking, image recognition, robotics, mobile apps, edge computing and Azure services

Smart store technology stack

Functionalities, infrastructure and application portfolio consisting of cloud components. business applications, a suite of security tools and flexible integrations with existing enterprise business systems









As a result we enable profitable automated & autonomous grocery stores to retailers, complemented by exceptional consumer experience, with a sharp sustainability edge.

The combination of these technologies has allowed us to provide grocery retailers with the most innovative and effective grocery retail automation solutions:

  • Automated real-time supply chain

  • Real time inventory management

  • Food waste management with best before dates and dynamic pricing

  • Anti-theft protection and security during operation

  • High service accuracy and easy infrastructure set-up

Real time inventory management in automated grocery store

Better Service
With Connected Inventory

Real time inventory management

Item-level real time inventory management to optimize workflow, gain better visibility on stock levels and to predict the demand.

We provide you a complete picture of what´s happening in your operations with item-level real time inventory data, allowing you to react quickly to supply chain needs. Get up-to-the-minute updates on all your inventory as and when you need it.

  • Avoid stock-outs

  • Enhance customer experience

  • Manage inventory levels

  • Meet delivery schedules more easily

  • Improve decision making

  • Optimize workflow

Real-time inventory management
Real-time inventory management and automated replenishment systems

Automated replenishment systems

We have automated grocery store replenishment systems, so our smart stores are able to analyze themselves when products are running low, sending orders independently to the warehouse for
their replenishment needs.


No humans are therefore needed in the ordering process.


Efficient RFID-tagging in smart store

Efficient RFID-tagging operations

The most optimal point for the tagging operations is at the warehouse/DC.

When volumes increase Robotics will be used.

Blockstore RFID tagging robot
Blockstore Group wins an award in RFID journal awards

Blockstore Group wins an international award for its automated grocery store retailing solution in RFID journal awards!

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