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Case COOP Finland (S-Group)

Updated: Jun 5

We have been running an automated store now since August -23 in Tampere Finland for our customer S-Group (COOP Finland). During this phase we, customer and consumers visiting the store have indeed all learned a lot. Starting from instructing consumers efficiently to improve smallest technical details around tracking systems.

After a hard work we now are at the level, where store can serve at least 20 persons shopping simultaneously and basket collection and shopping accuracies remain over 99%. In addition thefts have been very low (<0,03%) due to several theft prevention features in the solution.

During the last months we have had many interesting visitors from all around the Europe, for whom the concept has been presented. Here you can find a nice story of Finnish tech-oriented digital media, who visited the store in May and had a small interview as well.

Especially it was a huge pleasure to hear very positive customer testimony by Meeri Pirinen, Sale Grocery Chain Director, stating that:

"This has been extremely awesome and interesting for us to learn how we can serve our customers with automated store",


"We are constantly planning how to this scales"

Video is in Finnish but as it is is Youtube, you can turn English subtitles on.

Link to the story at Futuristi website:

Story video from Youtube:

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