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Lets talk about money!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

by Henna Hynynen, Chief Commercial Officer, Blockstore Group

Lets talk about money.

How does the P&L look in a technology-equipped self-service grocery store that automates processes across the operations from warehouse to store?

Well very different if compared to a traditional store. Why?

The positive impact on sales can be achieved through:

• Product optimization and a selection based on real needs.

• Opportunities for personalized offerings.

• Combining online and in-store sales channels along with different delivery options.

Significant savings can be achieved through:

• Supply chain optimization & better inventory control.

• Automation of back-office and in-store activities.

We at Blockstore are on a path to make all of this possible through the smart use of RFID and sensor technology, connected to intelligent cabinet structure and complimented with camera vision.

Our Blockstore-enabled easier-to-run grocery stores are a complete solution not just a store itself so that retailers can achieve better margins and they have more opportunities to reinvest in growth and customers.

Blockstore Group's Head of Finance, Marketing & Partnerships Henna Hynynen

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