is at the core of what we do

We work hard to understand the impact our solution have for the planet.

We found out that up to 87% reduction to CO2 emissions can be achieved, when model of utilizing automated stores closer to consumer is applied to serve consumers.


This was our first studies, verified by Business and Innovation Lab of North Carolina State University, US.

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The impact of unmanned stores' business models on sustainability


We believe that bringing groceries close to where people live can positively impact their quality of life.

Our solution also supports long-term economic growth.


“Our goal in automated and unmanned retailing is to make self-service shopping fast, convenient, and seamless.


This has driven us to focus on a comprehensive solution reach and ease of use, not only from grocery retailer’s point of view but in relation to consumer experience in the stores.


We are, by far, one of the most advanced solution providers for autonomous operations. Strengthened by our use of RFID-enabled item-level recognition of products, which enable the unique automated inventory, product management and expiry date management of fresh foods - with volume scalability. ” 


- Juha Maijala, CEO at Blockstore Group -

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