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Technology Stack

Blockstore Group offers an all-in-one solution, the Blockster platform, designed to enable grocery retailers to streamline inventory management, maximize supply chain efficiency, monitor and optimize performance, and transform customer experience seamlessly.

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Blockstore autonomous and automated smart grocery stores use a combination of technologies to automate various processes:

  • Sensors

  • Character Tracking

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Mobile Apps

  • Robotics

  • RFID




For example, the stores use RFID to monitor inventory levels with best before dates and automatically reorder products as needed. AI is used for automatic pricing based on products location in its life cycle.


Stores also use Character Tracking and smart payments to enable self-checkout and robots to ensure efficient tagging operations.

Innovative Technology Stack: Continuously Evolving
for Your Needs

At Blockstore Group, our technology stack is built on a solid and robust foundation, designed to power your retail operations seamlessly.


With a strong core infrastructure, we can continuously develop and introduce innovative features that cater to your specific requirements, setting us apart in the retail landscape.

Our technology stack includes:

Core Foundation:

Our state-of-the-art platform serves as the backbone of our solution, providing essential features and functionalities for efficient retail management.

Innovative Features:


We constantly explore new technologies and features that can enhance your retail operations. From AI-powered analytics to IoT integration, we strive to keep your business at the forefront of the retail industry.


One such example is our smart pricing feature, which automatically adjusts prices based on the product's lifecycle, saving you time and effort while maximizing revenue.

Customer-Centric Evolution:


We listen to your needs and evolve our technology stack accordingly. This ensures that our solutions remain relevant, effective, and aligned with your business goals.

Experience the power of a dynamic and continuously evolving technology stack that unlocks endless possibilities for your retail operations.

Innovative Framework

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By integrating these features into one comprehensive platform, the Blockster platform ensures that retailers can fully maximize the benefits of our solution.

Experience the power of Blockstore Group's all-in-one Blockster platform and revolutionize your grocery retail or food service business today.


Let us help you overcome your biggest operational pain points and maximize the benefits of our innovative solution.

Get Started with Blockstore Group Solutions!

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