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Doors - the way to a successful and safe autonomous stores

We have been a bit busy securing our customer success and now finally some time to share our thoughts and insights. Don’t get confused by the title, the purpose is to describe the essence of this simple features called doors, which are the key in our technology. We are using  the “doors” and e-locks to enable the safe and smooth store environment. As simple as that.

And it seems to work. Our technology-based stores have been run by our customers in Finland and Sweden more than 6 months and related thefts and disturbances in these stores have been virtually 0%.

I just visited EuroCIS 2024 and there was a lot of shelf-checkout and scan and go solution to improve the checkout process. But around those I haven’t heard same kind success stories on shrinkage and autonomy.

Thus, we believe in automated and autonomous stores, they are crucial for further consumer grocery experience and for the efficiency of future supermarkets and related shopping.

Multisensor technology

Not only the doors, but the optimized multisensory technology is the key to success – and we have multisensory technology and we do not rely on one system:

  • “AI” vision camera alone will not work.

  • Scales alone will not work.

  • RFID alone will not work.

  • And in addition to above you need also product management, order management, delivery management and payment systems – in other words the store management system.

And this is what our solution delivers

Sounds technical but this means the store works accurately, consumers coming to the store get their products, basket accuracy is exceptional and customer get their receipt quickly - as our system operates in real time.

Staff is needed in the store only when the replenishment takes place. Otherwise, the store runs on its own and even orders the products and pushes discounts automatically.

Sounds a bit funny but isn’t this the promise the Autonomous and Unmanned Stores were expected to provide already +5 years ago?

We can deliver and are also available for larger stores:

  • Supermarkets: 80m2-500m2 with full solution.

  • Kiosks and Quick service: smaller front stores or kiosks, like 20- 50m2. With selected & optimized technology.

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