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Inspiring Leap into the Grocery Business with RFID Technology


Blockstore Group and Beontag have joined forces to revolutionize the grocery retail industry. This groundbreaking partnership integrates innovation and sustainability and leverages the power of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to dramatically transform both the consumer's grocery shopping experience and retailer's operations.

The pioneering solution developed by Blockstore Group, in collaboration with their partners, introduces a game-changing phase in retail, presenting fully autonomous and automated smart grocery stores. This innovative solution extends beyond providing frictionless shopping experience: it enables efficient, automated inventory management, supply chain, and store operations due to smart technology application, making it a unique offering in the market for grocery retail and food service businesses.

However, the realization of this vision wouldn't be possible without the power of RFID technology. For a long time, RFID's adoption in the food business was hindered due to concerns about cost-effectiveness, potential interference with other electronic devices and compatibility issues with various food packaging. These challenges are now a thing of the past, thanks to technological advancements and innovative companies like Beontag.

Smart Store - Smart Supply Chain chart

The ECO RFID Tag Innovation by Beontag

Beontag steps into the spotlight with its sustainable, and scalable ECO RFID solutions. Their tags acclaimed for their trustworthiness and anti-tampering features provide a substantial enhancement in inventory management.

These RFID tags allow retailers to monitor their product inflow and outflow with 99.9% accuracy. This sustainable technology enables businesses to automate processes, maintain product quality, locate misplaced items, reassign misdirected products, and efficiently manage product withdrawals, while using a technology with lower carbon footprint - all of which make Beontag an ideal partner for Blockstore Group's vision.

Two RFID-tags

The Power of Partnership

Throughout 2023, these two pioneering companies are committed to managing all customer pilots in Europe, reshaping the industry standard on a global scale. With the capability to produce 5 billion RFID tags per year, including 2 billion ECO RFID tags, Beontag’s scalability supports these full-scale operations. However, this partnership goes beyond operational excellence underpinning its foundation with a robust commitment to environmental sustainability.

Beontag's ECO RFID Tags redefine the paradigm of eco-friendly technology. These tags can be recycled through standard paper and cardboard recycling processes and their non-adhesive inlay is biodegradable.

In addition to a lower carbon footprint, these tags are plastic free, solidifying the partnership´s commitment to a sustainable future.

Driving the Future

The partnership between Blockstore Group and Beontag goes beyond transforming the grocery retail industry; it aims to set a new industry standard. By integrating innovative RFID technology with automated operations and a firm commitment to sustainability, they are welcoming a future where efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness are the norm, rather than the exception.

A customer shopping in Blockstore Group's automated grocery store.

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